Laser Cutting

We can go as thin as .030 all the way up to 1 inch thick.

Materials we cut: Steel, stainless, and aluminum.

All laser cutting services are completed from start to finish in-house. We can handle both simple and complex projects seamlessly and efficiently.

Mitsubishi ML3015EX F60 6000

Watt Fiber Lasers and Automation Tower

Compared to traditional CO2 laser fabrication, our (2) ML3015EX F60 Fiber Lasers combine maximum edge quality with high cutting speeds that produce product faster, while requiring fewer resources.

When paired with the Automation Storage Towers, production can run 24/7/365 assuring your parts arrive on-time, every time.


Other Services


Dubuque Laser utilizes Mitsubishi press brakes to provide continuous production and consistent accuracy for all of our customers’ metal forming needs.

MIG/TIG and Resistance

Our facility is equipped with both MIG and TIG welding systems that are ideal for the welding of materials such as aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Customer Specified Packaging

We offer point-of-use packaging and bulk shipment containers. We work with customer-specified returnable containers and offer one-time-use cardboard containers.

Partner Services

Our Partner Relationships Augment and Complement Our In-House Services


24/7 Dependability IS WHAT YOU CAN COUNT ON.

Laser cutting, fabrication and logistics are all completed in one facility. Greater process control and predictable lead times.

  • Top Quality Products
  • Customer-Focused Service
  • Dependable Value
  • Highly Skilled Professionals

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